Greentech Frequently Asked Questions

PV, short for Photovoltaic, derives its name from the process of converting light (‘photo’) directly into electricity (‘voltaic’). Simply put, a Solar PV system is a power station that generates electricity from sunlight. Solar Panels or Modules: Solar panels consist of a group of small cells made from semiconductor material. When the sun’s light falls on the modules, it excites the electrons, thereby creating direct current (DC).

Solar panels absorbs sun’s limitless energy during the day time and in turn convert it into DC – Direct Current. Conventionally, establishments run using AC electricity (Alternating Current); which is why the DC currents are then made to pass via an inverter to render the electricity usable. Once that is done, you either use the power generated directly in your establishment or you can also send it over to the main electric grid. The quantum of power generated is directly proportional to the sunlight on offer. Hence, there will be no energy generation during night time and respectively lesser during cloudy weather.

Our team of experts & technicians will be at your assistance every step of the way providing all the necessary information beforehand. A team of installers will undertake a complete survey of the site and give you an exact estimate of what’s needed. The size of the solar system will depend on the value of kilowatt-hours used by your establishment in the past year. You may choose to increase or decrease as well as per your requirement.

Given the status quo of the negative effects of climate change in today’s consumer driven world, opting for solar energy seems like a foregone conclusion. Apart from the environmental effects, not only do you incur cost savings when it comes to your current electricity bills but you save yourself from rising power rates in the future as well. The extent of your savings will vary according to the solar policies and utility charges in your location. Solar power, being a renewable energy source doesn’t leave a carbon footprint like many other sources. It reduces the overall greenhouse emissions, which is one of the major causes of global warming. Also, it reduces the extent of harmful air pollutants like particulate matter and sulfur dioxide, which are known to cause serious health issues. Lastly, studies have proven that a home which comes pre-installed with solar power systems generally sells for more than one without.

Most solar installations will require little maintenance during the life of the system, and some proactive care may help you maximize the value of your investment. For example, if you live in a dusty environment, periodic washing of the panels may help increase electricity production.

The system can be dismantled and re-installed again in another location depending upon the load of the location. The registration with the utility will change.