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Rooftop Solar System for Home

Rooftop Solar System for Home

Rising electricity bills is a matter of concern for every household in india and to cater this problem many households are shifting to solar rooftop system to save electricity bills and to have 24 hrs. power supply. every house had unique aesthetics and dimensions, depending on which we design a unique system for the idle roof terrace. now we can generate our own electricity on idle roof space which is of no use. depending on the load requirements and availability of power supply in the city/village we accordingly decide for on-grid or off-grid systems.

On-Grid systems are generally preferred where there is no power cut or minimal power cut, hence doesn’t require any power backup.

While off-grid systems generally run where there is severe power failure or no power, so a battery backup is created.

We at solarsys greentech offer end to end solar solutions from documentation to designing to commissioning for our customers. residential customers can easily afford the system as subsidy benefits are given by governments. all subsidy clearance to be done by us on behalf of customers.

Key points:

Increase the value of your existing property

Support from government

Quick ROI for your investments

Long life span of 25 years

Reduces carbon footprint

Low maintenance product

No extra space required